urner owned by Warner has been planning to launch a new movie streaming application named FilmStruck. The service is being launched by Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in collaboration with Criterion collection. According to the company the movies would be a collection of Indie Titles and mainstream Hollywood movie.

The movie library would be containing films from studios; Plus Flicker Alley, Janus Films, Zeitgeist, Milestone, Kino and Icarus. One of the major studios for FilmStruck would be Warner Bros.

The CEO and Chairman of the company John Martin explained that FilmStruck’s main aim would be to provide people with mixed content like Foreign, Art house and independent films. He described the service as something that is “tailor made for the diehard movie enthusiast”.

The problem in the market today is that FilmStruck is not the only movie streaming application that is trying to carve out a niche by focusing more on movies, NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon as some good example you can think of. No matter how curated and smart your app is designed, they all are entering the same over crowded market.


This makes these movie only services with limited selection to choose. They may try something new for their users; the audience will always be satisfied with what’s already established. The new film only services will be facing problem with setting up their foot on the ground, as the competitors will be ready with their original content to replace the others. For example, Amazon and NetFlix and doing feature films. And let me remind you that they are doing a great job.

Though, Turner has not yet announced the release date or price to be paid for the application, they have said the service will be totally free of Advertisements and comparatively less priced. The services will be refreshed on a regular basis for a better movie watching experience.

The service will be the home of titles like “A hard day’s night”, “Blood Sample”, “A room with a view”, “Seven Samurai”, “My life as a Dog”, “The Player”, “Mad Max” and “Breaker Morant”
FilmStruck, first of all has to compete with services like NetFlix and Amazon. It going to be hard for Turners to get in this new service to a overly crowded market of movie applications.