Hello guys, today we talk about an app for your android devices with the help of which you can easily download a whole chunk of Youtube Videos on your SD card for free. This wonderful app is called Tube Mate YouTube Downloader with its whole newer version 2.2.8 available on the internet. This app is designed for downloading your most beloved Youtube videos directly on your android devices.

Tube Mate for android

It is one of the most user friendly and easy to use apps available there on the free open source market. Yes, it is absolutely free. This app works on all android versions from 2.2.8 and up.

This app also allows you to select the video quality of the video you are downloading, depending upon the android specification and the quality at which the video has been uploaded on Youtube. Thus, allowing you to have a good experience later on without any issues of buffering needed while you later peacefully watch your videos. You just have to look for a green arrow somewhere at the bottom while playing you video and press it to download your video file.

Tube Mate download

There is just one small very small issue now. You can’t download this file from Play Store. Yes, I know the irony. Since, it allows you to download the videos without having to spend a penny obviously there will be people who would try to put this on control and hence the misery of not finding this wonderful Tube Mate downloader on Google Play Store. But, no worries Tube Mate has taken care of this by hosting their app for download on various sites.

Pros and Cons

Well then let us just review some of the very basic Pros about Tube Mate at a glance.

  • Really requires less space.(5.38 MB)
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Version 2.2.8 comes with many fixed bugs.

Also, we shall see at some of the cons, a first time user might face. (There are always two sides of a coin, right)

  • One main disadvantage is, it cannot be installed from Play Store and we all know how that feels.
  • A whole lot of permissions are required while you install it, like permission to your GPS location, ability to read or change and delete files, change internet settings and the most upsetting one is full network access.
  • Also at times, download might get interrupted.
  • And lastly there are just too many ads to handle.

So, if your thirst for videos won’t make this petty cons an issue, there is no other app wonderful than this one.