In this article, we are going to discuss a recently developed app called the SnapTube Downloader. This is one of those apps, as the name implies, that lets you download videos from websites like YouTube. This app is android-based and is compatible with other operating systems like iOS and Windows. Despite the fact that it is android based, SnapTube is not available on GooglePlay store. Instead, it is available online as an apk file.

SnapTube downloader comes as a total package for the video lovers because it offers so much more compared to the competitors. It gives you the ability to download videos from multiple sites within seconds and recommends the latest videos in your favorite category. You probably know what a pain it is to download videos from YouTube and most of the time you either have to pay subscription fees for apps, or download apps from a virus ridden website. SnapTube is the ultimate downloading app because it is safe and secure and better than that, you get to download all the videos you want for free. In addition to that, you also get to convert the videos and download them as MP3.

How to Download SnapTube


SnapTube is android-based but you still have to download it as an apk file. Here is a step by step guide on how to download.

Since this is an apk file, you have to turn your phone to accept apps from unknown sources. You will change this in your phone settings.
Go to the official apk link to start download
Click yes to the permission notification then click install
Open the application and enjoy

SnapTube for PC (Windows and Mac)

Before you begin, you have to have at least 4GB of ram as well as an upgraded standard graphic driver to make things easy.
Download BlueStacks android emulator if you do not have one yet. Make sure you get it from the official site.
Run the software and set up the initial settings
Type SnapTube in the search box than download it
If unavailable, head to the SnapTube official site and download the file from there
Once complete, launch it in the BlueStacks application than start enjoying your app

SnapTube Features


In case you are still pondering whether or not to download this app, here are the features to help you come to a decision.

Multiple Resolutions– the MP4 videos are available in different resolutions from as low as 144 pixels to as high as HD 2048 and 1080 pixels.
Direct MP3 downloads– SnapTube acts as a converter and easily converts MP4 to MP3 without the need to use USB plugin. This is one of the best features because it slashes 50% of the work you have to do in order to get MP3 files.
Searching videos with keywords– You can search for your favorite videos using just a keyword
New videos– you get to discover new videos in your favorite category may it be in music or movies
Clean and safe– This app is as clean as they come and you will be downloading it with complete protection
No advertisements– SnapTube is one of those apps that have no annoying pop ups and ads; so you will enjoy your app with no interruptions