The app we are talking about might be familiar to many Windows and Mac user, who are deeply in love with TV series and movies. Yes, we are talking about Netflix, the world’s most leading service for movies and TV programs subscription.

Netflix android

It was at first only available in Windows and Mac OS but now with the increase in the number of android users it is all up in the market with its android version of Netflix.

This has made it really easy to gain access to the latest episodes of your favorite TV series right at your finger tips regardless of where you are, if you just have your phone and an internet connection.

As there is nothing always free in the world and moreover as it is a subscription service you do need to pay a minimal price for it. It’s exactly like how you pay your cable and DTH bills. But, with more power in your hands rather than the guys at the other end providing you with stupid channel you would not even bother to watch. Thus, giving you control of what you want to watch with some additional features like watching 2 to 4 channels at a time depending upon the subscription plan you choose, watch them anywhere; be it in laptops, tablets or phones and access to all latest TV series and movies.

So many features just for the same price you pay on your cable and DTH bills. Now that’s what we call sick.

Also there is something you cannot do if you’re sitting in front of you old TV set. You cannot comment or rate the show after you are done watching. But, in Netflix you have that power too. Just, so many powers at the same time, fun right?

Netflix subscription and sign up

Netflix is free for the first month. Yes, you can give it a try without paying any money for the first 30 days and if you like the hang of it feel free to subscribe one of its plan (Basic, Standard & Premium) and you are then a permanent Netflix member as many as the other million subscribers all over the world who are enjoying the lovely service.

Netflix app download

You have to pay nothing for the app and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. It is 100% secured and need not worry about a thing about account privacy and security specifications. The app size is 15.84 MB and comes with the newest version of 4.5.1 build 7734 having more than 14 languages to start with.

Netflix Requirements

It just need android 4.4 and up to work properly.

Pros and Cons

So here we are at the end speaking about the Pros and Cons of this app:


  • Access to all latest popular TV episodes, programs and unlimited movies.
  • Flexible schemes and portability.
  • Easy to access anywhere with internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Choose a number of screens to view at the same time.
  • Easily available for download on Google Play Store.


  • Always need internet connection to view content.
  • Still not available in most countries.