Hello folks, today we bring to you a very charming app named Meme Generator. As the name suggests it is mainly designed to allow you to create your own funny crazy memes and share them with your friends and send them as messages while trying to express something you have in mind but cannot express through simple text. This android app is just the whole package.

Meme generator app

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This app comes with more than 700 default high quality memes which has been categorized well to allow you to smoothly search for the memes of your choice without any trouble. You can also use your own gallery saved pictures and customize them with this lovely app. This app provides you multiple fonts to work with and change color and size according to your needs.

It also allows you to do something not possible with many online meme makers and app. The power to make complex memes having up to 10 captions at the same time along with creating multiple panel memes by combining multiple saved images into one single meme. What else can you ask for?

You can create your own list of favorite memes which saves a lot of time when you need to upload something really fast on your friend’s status. It just makes everything more easily. It has a grid interface which is always eye soothing and lastly and most importantly, there are no watermarks from the apps side. This allows you to be the only very creator of your meme.

Meme generator online

There is also an online meme generator but for those who love to work offline this is just the app you were looking for. Obviously you don’t want to log into the internet every time you have an idea about creating a funny meme.

Meme generator download

You can easily find this app over the internet from Google Play store, uptodown and other app hosting sites. Also, it is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay a penny for this great app.

Meme generator font

As said earlier this app comes with many fonts, which is not always available in other meme generating apps over the net. This one feature makes it very handy to have by your side. It allows you to resize your fonts and add color to your fonts just allowing you to personalize your meme according to your wish and will. It is also available in more than 45 languages thus giving your meme a more original and touchy feeling.

Pros and Cons

Now let us come to the pros and cons of this lovely app.


  • You can take it offline
  • It is totally free
  • Easily available on Google play store
  • No security or privacy issues
  • Comes with more than 45 languages


  • Requires android 4.0.4 and up.
  • Comparatively very large size about 24.43 MB.
  • The size might keep increasing as the app database increases.